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We have available a range of Organic Fruit & Vegetables (herbicide & pesticide-free), local produce, Cheese, Bread, dried fruits and coconut products and much more.

Fruit and Vegetables

You can probably guess from our name, but we’ve got a passion for fresh fruits and vegetables. We’re also particular about how we source our products. We love to support local growers and farmers, with all our fruits and vegetables being Australian owned and grown.

It’s important to us to support the community in this way, and its why we have a reputation for providing the best and freshest produce around. When we support locals, the community thrives and everybody wins. For the very best fruit and vegetables Benalla has to offer, come and see us today. You’ll be glad you did!


If you’re looking for delicious, locally baked bread, you’ll find it here at Fruits n Fare. Every Friday we have a fresh supply of incredible breads from the Milawa Bakery. From full loaves to Croissants, we’ve got an extensive selection, and it’s all baked locally using Australian ingredients. That’s important to us, because we know it’s important to you.

Also, on Tuesday mornings we have a fresh delivery of Healthy Bake breads. They’re made from a range of different flours, but they’re all organic. So, if you’re after fresh, delicious and local bread for your family, come see us at Fruits n Fare today!


If you’re after condiments, we’ve got a range that simply has to be seen to be believed. We’ve got an extensive range of oils, dressings, vinaigrettes and much more. You can really give your meals a makeover with these wonderful items.

We also stock a range of chutneys, relishes and sauces. Most of our condiments are homemade or sourced from local producers in the area, so you know they’re fresh and tasty. For something a little sweeter, you’ll also find plenty of jams, spreads, marmalades and toppings. Do your taste buds a favour and get your hands on some delicious local produce today.


We’ve got a wonderful range of ice creams, cheeses, milks and yoghurts right here in-store at Fruits n Fare. As always, the majority of our dairy products are sourced locally, such as the Milawa Cheese and Gundowring Ice Cream.

If you love the taste of dairy but you’re strictly organic, we’ve also got plenty of organic dairy products for you to try. We believe in catering for everyone, so we’ve even got some vegan products. We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve made with local suppliers and producers, and we can’t wait to share some of these incredible products with our customers.


We’re proud to be local. Based in Benalla in North East Victoria, we’ve been able to embrace so many products from local growers, farmers and suppliers in the region. Some of Australia’s most amazing products and freshest food comes from our part of the world, and we’re lucky to bring it into your homes.

We believe that by stocking these local products, we’re helping small communities to thrive. It’s important to us, and it’s also great knowing exactly where your food comes from. For products made with care, you can’t go past the amazing local produce we’ve got in store every single day.


Organic food is definitely a growing industry, and one we’re happy to be part of. Firstly, we have a terrific selection of organic fruits and vegetables seasonally available. But it doesn’t stop there. You can get all of your bulk organic wholefoods such as lentils, grains and seeds. You’ll even find coconut products, organic flours and apple cider vinegar.

For the dairy lovers, check out our selection of organic milks, cheeses, butters and yoghurts. There’s even organic cacao powders, beans and nibs. Our organic range is growing every day, so if you’ve got any questions or requests, please speak to our friendly team today.


There’s never a bad time for smallgoods. Most homes enjoy smallgoods for meals, platters and even just snacks. We’re fortunate enough to supply some of the most delicious smallgoods Benalla has to offer, including traditional European smallgoods from Istra. Using 100% Australian pork, they handmake all their products such as cabana, salami, bacon, ham and sausages.

We also stock the famous Gamze Smokehouse smallgoods. Smoked right here in the North East, you'll find their range unbeatable.
As always, we try to source our smallgoods locally to support our community. Come and check out the range today, and take home something your family will absolutely love.

Gift Boxes

We have introduced some ready gift boxes, perfect for birthdays, get well soon wishes and just to say 'Thank You' !
We offer a Classic Fruit Hamper, which is the perfect all round.
The Savoury Hamper for the fans of a cheese platter celebration, on a laid back afternoon.

Order them from our online ordering portal.
The Sweet Hamper is filled with treats for the sweet tooth in your life !

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